We debuted Graceful Explosion Machine at PAX East 2016, and it went super well. Everyone totally “got” the game, had lovely things to say about it, and quite a few people returned to play through the demo again.

As always, I especially enjoyed the post-playthrough chats, listening to players’ thoughts, and amassing pages of feedback/notes.

Relevant and exciting links:

Warp Zoned named GEM one of their Best Of PAX East games! The entire list is worth reading through, and it’s a total honour to be on there.

The DG Cast has a nice write up as well, going over the basics and core mechanics.

Finally, I was on the Indie [Dot] XSplit Showcase, where I talked about and played Graceful Explosion Machine for a whole 25 minutes or so. Please enjoy the footage, and also, my almost-entirely drained vocal chords.

Graceful Explosion Machine, our new announced colourful and explody shoot-em-up will be at PAX East this coming weekend as part of the Indie MEGABOOTH. We’ll be at the MINIBOOTH section, please come by if you’re attending!

And for those watching at home, I’ll be streaming game on the Indie Dot XSplit Showcase on Friday (April 22) at noon.

We Are Doomed Out Now on PS Vita, and it’s Cross Buy with the PlayStation 4. Get it on the PlayStation Store (in North America and Europe) today!

It’s also available on Xbox One and Steam (for Windows and Mac).

It’s official: WE ARE DOOMED is coming to PS Vita on February 9th. Of course, it’s a Cross Buy game, so if you already own the PS4 version, you’ll soon be able to enjoy it on the Vita at no extra charge.

I’m really happy with how the port turned out. The short, intense gameplay is really a perfect fit for the Vita. From a technical perspective, I put a huge amount of effort into optimizing the game to look and play just like the PS4 version.

In short, it turned out great and Feb 9th can’t come soon enough. :)

PS: If you’re a member of the press, please fill out this form to request a review copy.

I finally updated Orbit1 with all-new retina quality graphics. Revisiting the game after all this time was really fun. I’m happy to see it plays just as well as I remember, and looks super crisp now!

What is Orbit1? It’s a hyper-competitive multiplayer game for iPad played with just one button. Visit the game page to learn more.

Check out the update, tell your friends, and please consider leaving a nice review on the AppStore. It really helps!

Great video segment on We Are Doomed. These guys totally get it: the colours, the style, the music, and the purity of the design.

“All about that Doomed chill” is box quote worthy for sure.

WE ARE DOOMED is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide. Visit the game page for the store links.

A couple more reviews I quite liked:

Patrick Anderson at Canadian Online Gamers gets in the zone:

You settle in, relax, and start to understand the language of this game. You work not so much in opposition to the other creatures, but in sync with them, mimicking their rhythms in a weird kind of symbiosis rather than struggle. It is at this time that you start to really hear the music for the first time; chill and entrancing, it seems to compliment the action going on perfectly.

Scott Ferguson at Pixel Gamer UK highlights the snappyness of the game, something I care about deeply but often goes unnoticed:

To help you love it even more theres no real load screens and everything is snappy in response which means quick restarts and you will inevitably hear yourself saying “just one more go” then before you know it its not been 10 minutes its been several hours. A hallmark of a great game.

DRM Gamecast talks about the chill and challenging aspects of the game

The ultra colorful visuals mixed with the relaxing sounds of We Are Doomed are a welcome change in a industry trying to give us all high blood pressure. If you want to relax and just play I can’t oversell We Are Doomed enough. And if you prefer to climb the leaderboards and attempt to finish Wave 30 without dying, you’ll be in for a treat as well.

So WE ARE DOOMED is officially out on PS4 in North America! The reviews have been coming in:

James Cunningham at Hardcore Gamer says:

We Are Doomed is a fantastic take on the twin-stick shooter, showing that you can take the basics of a genre and still make something fresh with enough creativity and style.

Chris Saltel at Eat Pray Game gives it a 9.5/10, saying:

WE ARE DOOMED is a shot of adrenaline into the twin-stick shooter genre. By keeping it minimal and focusing on game feel, Vertex Pop has made one of the most addicting and enjoyable arcade games I’ve ever played.

Eric Pepper goes into detail about the laserbeam over at Analog Addiction:

The player must take a more offensive approach to completing levels, while navigating through the throngs of geometric enemies, getting close enough for the laser to actually make contact. For such a small change in gameplay mechanics, it has significant ramifications.

Finally, Graham Arthur talks about my favourite topic, colour and light, over at Automaton:

The presentation is pure sensory overload. The chosen color palate makes everything pop in a big way, and the explosions of light keep players constantly engaged with the action on the screen.

If you want in on the action, check out WE ARE DOOMED on the PlayStation Store.