So WE ARE DOOMED is officially out on PS4 in North America! The reviews have been coming in:

James Cunningham at Hardcore Gamer says:

We Are Doomed is a fantastic take on the twin-stick shooter, showing that you can take the basics of a genre and still make something fresh with enough creativity and style.

Chris Saltel at Eat Pray Game gives it a 9.5/10, saying:

WE ARE DOOMED is a shot of adrenaline into the twin-stick shooter genre. By keeping it minimal and focusing on game feel, Vertex Pop has made one of the most addicting and enjoyable arcade games I’ve ever played.

Eric Pepper goes into detail about the laserbeam over at Analog Addiction:

The player must take a more offensive approach to completing levels, while navigating through the throngs of geometric enemies, getting close enough for the laser to actually make contact. For such a small change in gameplay mechanics, it has significant ramifications.

Finally, Graham Arthur talks about my favourite topic, colour and light, over at Automaton:

The presentation is pure sensory overload. The chosen color palate makes everything pop in a big way, and the explosions of light keep players constantly engaged with the action on the screen.

If you want in on the action, check out WE ARE DOOMED on the PlayStation Store.

WE ARE DOOMED hits Steam on Tuesday, April 21st. That’s next week!

WE ARE DOOMED will support Windows and Mac, and include Steam Leaderboards and Achievements. Check out the store page for all the details.

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WE ARE DOOMED is out on APRIL 14 (PS4, Americas), APRIL 15 (PS4, Europe) & APRIL 17 (XB1, Worldwide).

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ARE YOU EXCITED? (I am pretty excited, fwiw)

The moment you use the right stick to open fire on the waves of space baddies swarming the screen it becomes clear how We Are Doomed diverges from the formula. Instead of blasting enemies with a never-ending stream of long-range laser fire, players instead must rely on a medium-range “overpowered laserbeam,” as Vertex Pop’s website describes it. In actuality, it doesn’t come off like a laser at all. Instead, it looks and feels more like you’re wielding a flamethrower with an infinite fuel supply.

I do enjoy the various interpretations as to what the laserbeam actually looks like.

So PAX East flew right by! I’m an exhausted mess, but I had such a great time! A fair share of journalists stopped by over the weekend, and I’ve rounded up their words below.

Mark Labbe at PlayStation LifeStyle has the basics covered:

We Are Doomed is great to look at, and even more great to play. Instead of having long-ranged bullets or missiles, players are armed with a somewhat short laserbeam. […] The laserbeam forces player to properly manage their movements and space around themselves, getting close enough to enemies to kill them but staying far enough away to not be killed.

I love how James Cunningham at Hardcore Gamer describes the new Endless mode:

There’s also a new Endless mode that spawns enemies in an infinite cascade of popcorn enemies, ramping up in difficulty far more quickly than the main campaign as the horde zones you in and forces you to manage the space around you rather than worrying about screen-clearing.

And finally, The Queen of the Nerds sums it up quite nicely:

I would play the hell out of this game. The colors are very eye catching and the music is good. I think my favorite part of this game is the unique and colorful bad guys. Blast ‘em!

WE ARE DOOMED promo cards for PAX East. From concept to completion.

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be showing We Are Doomed at PAX East 2015, as part of the Indie MEGABOOTH!

Last year around this time I was getting ready to debut We Are Doomed at my first PAX East. The show was a huge success for me: attendees loved the game, as did the fine folks at Sony and Microsoft. It’s no exaggeration to say that I wouldn’t be where I am today if Indie MEGABOOTH hadn’t taken a chance on me.

I’m thrilled and honoured to be part of this year’s incredible line-up. I’ll be at Booth 4165, please come by if you’re attending!

New Trailer Lots of fun putting this thing together. I think it captures the chill feel and SUPERBEAM zapping action of the game quite nicely. :)

Release Plans April is looking good! I’d love to be more specific, but I’m still coordinating things with Sony and Microsoft.