Fact Sheet

Founding Date

August 21st, 2014


Toronto, Canada



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Vertex Pop is a Toronto-based indie game development studio founded by Mobeen Fikree. We create feel-good action games: fun, colourful, and intuitive.


Vertex Pop was founded in 2014 by Mobeen Fikree, when he decided to turn his longstanding game development hobby into a full-time job. The name “Vertex Pop” speaks toward his passion for geometric art, graphic design, game controls that feel good, and pop music.

WE ARE DOOMED was Vertex Pop’s debut game, a twin-stick shooter featuring polygon baddies, neon colours, and an absurdly overpowered laserbeam. While it was only a modest success, it established Vertex Pop’s unique aesthetic, and design talent for action games.

It was followed up by Graceful Explosion Machine, a colourful side-scrolling shoot-em-up which arms the player with four unique and devastatingly powerful weapons at once. It debuted as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch to great commercial and critical success.

With Super Crush KO, we took our shoot-em-up expertise and made the ambitious leap to the brawler genre. It takes the frantic action and swarms of enemies from shoot-em-ups, and combines it with stylish, combo-based brawler gameplay. The pastel aesthetic, charming story, and fluid gameplay delighted critics and players alike.

Most recently, we returned to our arcade roots to create HYPER METEOR, a unique take on Asteroids for the adorable Playdate handheld console.



Logo & Icons

Team & Collaborators

Mobeen Fikree  CEO, Designer/Programmer

Gabby DaRienzo  Art Director

Saffron Aurora  Artist, Illustrator

Zack Wolfe  Animator, Level Designer

Robby Duguay  Composer, Sound Designer

Dave Proctor  Producer, Writer

Nina Wong  Producer

h heron  Voice Over