Vertex Pop is a tiny independent studio run by me, Mobeen Fikree. I make videogames + apps.

When I make videogames I focus on mechanics and visual design. I place a great deal of importance on the feel of the player's movement and actions, paired with responsive controls.

With apps, I'm endlessly fascinated by how intimate and tactile interactions on touch devices can be. I want to create productivity apps, which includes the kind that encourage creativity and having fun.

Why Vertex Pop?

Let's start with the nerdy part: A Vertex is the fundamental building block of modern computer graphics. I'm interested in procedurally generated graphics, the beauty of "raw" geometry, and generally making pretty looking things.

Pop because I'm into making things that feel fun, colourful, accessible, and optimistic even.* In many ways, Pop as a music genre works remarkably well as a shorthand for the things I want to create.

And, you know, it sounds pretty cool.

(* says the guy who named his game WE ARE DOOMED, but I digress.)