Orbit1 is a simple-to-learn game with unique controls: just one button to fly, dive and turn your ship around the arena. Collect green orbs to score points, and avoid the red enemies.

Orbit1 is more fun with friends. What starts out as a civil competition over orbs quickly turns into players attacking each other left, right and center! Pretty soon everyone is out to get everyone else, grudge battles (and alliances) are formed mid-game, and nobody remembers how it all got started.

In short, Orbit1: it's a bit like Hockey, eh?

Available on the iTunes App Store, only on iPad.

"If you have an iPad, though, you're going to want to pick this baby up. It's the perfect game for playing around the table with a few friends."

TouchArcade.com (4.5/5 stars)

"A quick burst of multiplayer fun that makes excellent use of the iPad's screen."

Tap! (4/5 stars)

"Imagine Hungry Hungry Hippos for the iPad generation, with bold, colorful graphics that give it an arcade flair."


App of the Day, on Tested.com

"Orbit1 might just be the best example of this style of multiplayer that we've seen yet."

Best iPad Games of 2011 on GameZebo.com, Ranked #4