We debuted Graceful Explosion Machine at PAX East 2016, and it went super well. Everyone totally “got” the game, had lovely things to say about it, and quite a few people returned to play through the demo again.

As always, I especially enjoyed the post-playthrough chats, listening to players’ thoughts, and amassing pages of feedback/notes.

Relevant and exciting links:

Warp Zoned named GEM one of their Best Of PAX East games! The entire list is worth reading through, and it’s a total honour to be on there.

The DG Cast has a nice write up as well, going over the basics and core mechanics.

Finally, I was on the Indie [Dot] XSplit Showcase, where I talked about and played Graceful Explosion Machine for a whole 25 minutes or so. Please enjoy the footage, and also, my almost-entirely drained vocal chords.