I’ve mention this a few times on Twitter, but a final reminder before the month is out: our debut game, WE ARE DOOMED is free on PlayStation Plus for September 2017. It looks and plays great on PS4, but it absolutely shines on the PS Vita as the perfect pick up & play game.

WE ARE DOOMED is an intense, neon-soaked twin-stick shooter. It arms the player with an overpowered laserbeam and the more ridiculous SUPERBEAM, then throws in an endless barrage of polygon baddies. It’s a tiny arcade game that I’m glad we were naive enough to build.

Going back and playing it now, I’m happy to see it holds up quite well! Playing it after Graceful Explosion Machine though, I’m especially proud of how far we’ve come as a team since then.

For more info, I’d recommend this excellent video review by Ludiscere. I couldn’t help but smile at his conclusion:

It’s without a doubt an enjoyable game, [but] hypothetically if you were going to pay for only one [game] Graceful Explosion Machine is definitely the way to go.

And despite how much I still enjoy We Are Doomed, I’m inclined to agree.

But for this week, it’s totally free on PS4 and PS Vita, so please pick it up on the PlayStation Store (links: North America, Europe).