An update for Graceful Explosion Machine is now available, it should be downloading on your Switch as we speak!

So what’s new? With this update, we wanted to focus on adding “quality of life” features to make GEM a little more frictionless to play. To that end, we have two new features:

Upload Score Later

We’ve heard from people playing GEM on trains, buses, at work, etc. who get really great high scores, but can’t upload them because they aren’t online. This breaks our collective developer hearts, so for v1.0.2 we’ve added Upload Score Later.

From the Score Screen, choose “Later” instead of “Submit Score” to save your score for uploading later. Then, when you’re back online, go to the main menu and select “Upload Scores” (by pressing X) to upload all the pending scores. (And don’t worry, if it fails to upload you can retry later!)

Screenshake Option

We also added the option to reduce or disable the Screenshake effect. If you have motion sickness related concerns, this should really help. It may not be perfect (our options are limited given what a fast-paced game GEM is), but it’s definitely an improvement!

Those are the major changes, and of course, we snuck in some smaller fixes too. We also have more new stuff in the works, but we’ll save that for another day!

Enjoy! 🚀✨