YOU ARE LOST IN SPACE! ALL WEAPONS ARE DOWN! Survive by ramming your ship into meteors and hostile forces.


Four Game Modes, each with its own unique twist

  • Endless mode: Classic arcade-style survival mode with three lives
  • METEOR mode: Trigger detonations to survive the meteor storm!
  • Countdown mode: A rush to maximize your combo in 3 minutes
  • Waves mode: 40 hand-crafted waves of enemies

Two Player Co-op (local only) for every game mode!

A bold audio-visual experience featuring minimalist pixel art, 25+ vibrant colour palettes, and a pulsing electronic soundtrack

Extras & Unlockables: 50 achievements, online leaderboards (worldwide and friends), detailed stats, and more!


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HYPER METEOR started out as a game designed for the Playdate, the tiny handheld with a crank. It debuted as part of Playdate's Season One of games, with lots of positive feedback and enthusiasm from players (we even won an award!)

The Nintendo Switch + Steam versions are a pixel-perfect port of the original HYPER METEOR, just with a tonne more features added along the way.

More info on the Playdate game

Mobeen Fikree
Game Designer, Programmer + Artist

Robby Duguay
Composer + Sound Designer

Saffron Aurora
Colour Designer

Halina Heron
The Voice

Dave Proctor

Yash Kulkarni

Gabby DaRienzo
Key Art